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  1. i would like to meat santa anna in the texas revolution. i could talk to him why he wanted to begin the war on texas.

  2. I would love to meet Thomas Edison. I would ask him about how he constructed the first light bulb.

    He would be great, but his invention is not in the time period we cover in our study of American History. Pick someone who is, if you want to get full credit for your posting… Mrs. S

  3. sorry bout the first one. i forgot bout the intials. like i said i would love 2 meet benidict arnold. i mean this guy is the most infamouse traitor in american history. he literally turned us in at valley forge. what a jerk! who knew that would happen?


  4. I would like to met Santa Anna. The only reason i want to meet him is to see why he was trying to cause so much trouble with Texas. Also to see if we could find a way around all this trouble he caused………

  5. One of my favorite people in History is Abraham Lincholn because he used a lot of triumph to stop slavery. If I could I would ask him how he was able to help so much with slavery, and keep up with his job of being president of the United States.

  6. I would have lunch with abraham lincon cause i think he was really cool
    What question would you have for Lincoln about his life and part in shaping American History? Mrs. S

  7. hey mrs.S, today was soooo fun! i ma very glad that you got to show us what is like to be a slave!!
    thank you!

  8. i agree with Cs1 it would be soo cool to have lunch with lincon!!
    ask him questions about his life and stuff!

  9. i would not be brave enough because i would not be responsible enough ans i probably wouldn’t be mature enough..
    and i wouldn’t be able to do it under pressure knowing everyone is going to know i wrote it and i wouldn’t do it right!

  10. I would have probably do it,i woyld die for freedom for everyone else then to live the way they use to.

  11. I am thankful 4 all rights that the declaration of independence gave us. Thomas Jefferson was a smart man when he created it.

  12. If I had to choose I’d pick the judicial branch, it would be cool to make decisions about how long someone would be in jail or something like that.

  13. I would like to work for the executive branch, so I could be president. Being president would be really cool because everyone would want to meet you or talk to you.

  14. The branch of government that I would like to be is the judicial because in my hands I hold the fate of anyone who walks inside the court. I would also like it because I like to watch “The People’s Court.”

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